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auntie_witch's Journal

Elphaba Thropp
27 June 1970
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Elphaba has long black hair and pale skin that looks as if it almost tinted green. She is tall and incredibly bony, all sharp edges. She has black eyes that many describe as lifeless, though very rarely they will ignite with a strange light. She prefers to wear black, baggy clothes, having no care for fashion.
Elphaba is extremely cynical. She trusts almost no one, feeling that anyone she gets close to will either suffer or betray her.
How Elphaba Got to Malaise
When Elphaba was born several of her organs had failed her. She was kept hospitalized for months after. When she was finally allowed to go home, she had contracted hyperpigmentation from the dye in the feeding tubes causing her skin to turn green. This was a something she was constantly teased over as a child. After her younger sister Nessarose was born, the Thropp family moved to South Africa for missionary work (Elphaba's father Frexspar was a minister). The move did very little to help Elphaba's illness, but she was still a surprisingly independant child. Elphaba's mother died not long after giving birth to her little brother Shell. Due to Frexspar's poor ability of parenting, Elphaba found herself taking over as caregiver to her siblings.

Elphaba had no friends growing up, instead reading books as if they were going out of style. However, when Elphaba went off to college, she made a surprising amount of friends, including several extremely popular people. However, Elphaba's no nonsense attitude did not change. About three years later, Elphaba ran off to join an exteamist group. After an assassination attempt gone bad, Elphaba disappeared from the world completely. She was found two years later in a nunnery with a small boy. Elphaba had no recolection of who the boy was, but the nuns claimed that he was Elphaba's son. After it was assessed that Elphaba truely had no memory at all of the two years she had spent in the nunnery, she was sent to Malaise House for treatment.
Symptoms Experienced
Elphaba cannot remember the two years spent at the nunery at all. She has no memory of how she arrived at the place, nor of the small boy who is suppossedly her son. She also has an extreme fear of water, which she claims to have had her entire life.
Name: Elphaba Thropp
Age: 38
Disorders: Hydrophobia & Amnesia
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 115 lbs
Sexuality: Asexual
Likes: books, animals
Dislikes: most people, fashion trends
Eyes: Dark green, almost black
Hair: Black
Personality: anti-social, brooding, silent, smart
Talents/abilities: reading
Love Interest: None

Kidnap? Sure.
Noncon? Sure.
Angst? Sure
Attack? Go for it.
Kill? No please
Het, yaoi, yuri? Any
Rating? She'll rate anything, meaning from G to NC-17

Any other notes? None that I can think of at the moment

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Played by: kanoi_trace

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Dislaimer: Original character property Gregory Maguire, played for malaisehouse.
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